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Kimchi, Korea's most famous slow food, is made with the wisdom of the ancient Koreans in salting, storing, and fermenting napa cabbage. A combination of chili pepper, garlic, and ginger creates a crisp flavor and helps digestion, creating the health benefits that make Kimchi so famous.



Salted Napa Cabbage 69.4% (Napa Cabbage, Salt), Radish, Modified Tapioca Starch Mix (Tapioca Starch, Thickeners [412], Modified Starch [1442]), Fermented Fish Sauce [Anchovy Extract, Shrimp Extract, Kelp Extract, Flavour Enhancer [621], Sweetener [420] 0.6%], Red Pepper Powder 2.7%, Garlic, Leek, Green Onion, Onion, Ginger

CJ Bibigo Sliced Kimchi 비비고 맛김치 150G

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