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Char Siu チャーシュー

Make this easy, melt-in-your-mouth Char siu pork belly recipe at home! Braised in a sweet  and savoury sauce, you can now add the tender slice of meat as topping to your next bowl of ramen. It’s the most fulfilling reward for any pork belly lovers out there!



In Japanese, Charsiu is sometimes called “Nibuta” (煮豚), literally means simmered/braised pork, as opposed to “Yakibuta” (焼豚), which means barbecued pork. The Japanese enjoy Charsiu as a topping for Ramen and other noodles, as well as Charsiu over steamed rice in called Charsiu Don, like a rice bowl.

FROZEN - NH sliced Pork char siu (for Ramen) 5mm (日本叉燒)

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