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Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali rice is grown in the Northeast region with a mix of fertile soil, suitable climate and advanced rice growing technology. The rice pass through a DNA test to ensure that it is inbred rice, identifiable by the long, narrow white, transparent appearance and strong grains with not much chalky kernels. The rice, when cooked, is aromatic and fluffy in texture.


Directions:  Simply add one cup of Royal Umbrella Jasmine rice to one and one fifth (1.2) cups of water to either a rice cooker, microwave or saucepan and slowly simmer until the grains are soft, fluffy and slightly sticky. Bon appetite!


To store all types of rice should be stored in a cool dry place in the original packaging until opened. Transfer to an airtight container once opened. Use all types of rice within one year of purchase.


Ingredients: Jasmine rice .


Product of Thailan

Royal umbrella thai hom mali rice 5KG

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