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Put enough water into a steamer and heat it. When the water starts boiling, put 4-5 dumplings into the steamer and steam them for about 5 minutes.

Pan fry
Pour 3 Tsp of oil into a pan and heat it up. Place 7-8 frozen dumplings and pan fry them for about 5 minutes till all sides are golden brown.



Vegetables 38% (Cabbage 60%, Carrot 13%, Onion 12%, Leek 8%, Spring onion 5%, Garlic 2%), Water, Rice flour 16%, Modified starch, Rice bran oil, Textured soy protein (Defatted soybean, Palm oil), Mushroom mix 2,5% [King oyster mushroom 38%, White beech mushroom 29%, Oyster mushroom 17%, Water, Antioxidant Ascorbic acid, Acidity regulator (Citrid acid)], Sprouted brown rice flour, Salt, Thickeners (Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, Guar gum, Xanthan gum), Hydrolyzed potato/ beet protein, Sugar, Glucose, Emulsified oil [Starch syrup (Tapioca, Corn), Palm oil, Water, Emulsifier (Starch sodium octenylsuccinate), Alcohol, Salt], Thickener (Methycellulose), Yeast extract, Trehalose, Black pepper powder, Fermented seasoning (Water, Glucose, Maltodextrin).

FROZEN - CJ Bibigo Gluten Free(Vegan Approved) Gyoza 300g

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