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O’s Bubble Frozen Instant Boba Pack allows you to say goodbye to the hassle of cooking boba on your own. Each box contains everything you need, including 4 boba packs and 4 boba-sized straws! After cutting open the boba packet, simply microwave for 60 seconds or heat with boiling water before adding it to your favourite drinks and treats. Your Frozen Instant Boba is guaranteed to be a delicious topping on your milk tea, waffle, or ice cream! Boba flavours include black tea, brown sugar, matcha, coffee, chocolate, and strawberry, taro, and red bean.

  • ⏱️ INSTANT – Simply microwave for 60 seconds or boil in hot water to enjoy!
  • 😋 8 FLAVOURS – Featuring black tea, brown sugar, matcha, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, taro, and red bean flavours.
  • 🧊 FROZEN – Store under -18°C for up to 2 years. Keep it in your freezer so you can satisfy your cravings anytime!
  •  MADE IN TAIWAN – Real boba made in Taiwan, home of the authentic bubble tea treat. Contains tastier and chewier pearls than ever before!
  • 🤤 GET CREATIVE – Who says boba only goes in milk tea? We encourage you to add your Frozen Instant Boba to egg tarts, pancakes, or anything else!


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