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Peteh Bean Seed (Sator) / Parkia 100g

Thai Name: Sator Met

The Peteh Bean Seed is one that is an acquired taste with the bean seed being very popular in many Asian countries. In Thailand they are sold in while still in the pod, in bunches or as seeds. They are called Sator and are used in the Thai dish Pad sator moo sap. This is a very tasty dish and can be found in many restaurants. The minced pork combines well with bean seed as does the chili pepper and garlic. The bean is best when they are combined with other strong flavors. The bean seed goes well in Thai Duck Green Curry as it uses garlic and chilli peppers.

The pods are usually flat as the seeds have yet to develop and when they hang they are similar to twisted ribbons in their look. The pods are a pale green colour and they can be eaten when young fried, pickled or raw. They are also eaten when they have dried out with age and the seeds have turned black. The Peteh Bean is something that when eaten is known to give a strong smell to the body including the mouth and flatulence can be a major problem for some people.

The Peteh tree can grow to a great height almost 30 meters in height and it bears flowers that shaped like a light bulb and appear at the end of long stalks. The translucent pods emerge in clusters of about 7-8 pods and after they mature this is where you find the peteh bean seed. The peteh bean seed is better eaten cooked as the raw seed is a very strong taste and the bean seed is very easy to find in many markets around Thailand especially in the southern region.

Fresh produce from Thailand.

FROZEN Sator/Petai Beans Vacuum Packed 100g

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