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Japan’s favourite brand of mayonnaise is here – Kewpie! Also known as QP mayo,  this Japanese mayonnaise has a smooth and creamy texture that’s unmatched by Western equivalents. Its rich flavour has won thousands of loyal fans since Kewpie mayonnaise was first made in 1925. Remove the outer packaging to reveal a handy squeeze bottle perfect for garnishing your meals.

What is the difference between Kewpie and regular mayo?

Kewpie mayo solely uses egg yolks, compared to regular mayonnaise which normally contains whole eggs. In fact it has around 4 egg yolks per 500g, so it’s extra rich. This makes the mayonnaise have a more distinctive yellow colour and extra creamy thick texture. It is also naturally preserved with vinegar and salt, and contains no chemical preservatives unlike its American counterparts.

Why is there a baby on the packaging?

The name for the brand originated from the popular doll ‘Kewpie’ created by American cartoonist Rosie O’Neill in 1909. The illustration of the doll was then used on the packaging as a nod to the name of the mayonnaise. 

What to eat with Kewpie Mayo?

Enjoy with temaki hand roll sushi, okonomiyaki pancakes and Japanese croquettes. Also try using Kewpie mayonnaise in your favourite sandwiches or on salads, and see why more and more people around the world are seeking out this Japanese version of a classic condiment. We use it in this classic Japanese Okonomiyaki recipe!

Ingredients: vegetable oil (70%) (rapeseed oil, soybean oil), pasteurised egg yolk (14%), vinegar, salt, flavour enhancer: E621, spices. Contains allergens: soya, eggs, gluten (barley), mustard.

KEWPIE Mayonnaise 500g

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