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This Preserved Black Bean Chilli Oil Sauce is an original Sichuan style Chinese Chilli Oil, packed with preserved black beans to provide an umami rich, savoury sauce with great depth of flavour.

This Black bean chilli oil works especially well in stirfrys as a cooking ingredient/paste, but is also great as a ready condiment, for example alongside rice dishes.

Laoganma is the world renowned brand, very popular in China.
Laoganma brings you authentic Chinese ingredients loved by locals.  

Ingredients: soybean oil, black bean [soybean, salt], chilli, salt, sugar, sichuan peppercorns, flavour enhancer msg

LGM Laoganma Preserved Black Beans Chilli Oil 280g (老干媽 風味豆豉油製辣椒)

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