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Popping Blueberry Boba is a delightful beverage that combines the refreshing taste of blueberry with the fun and chewy texture of boba pearls. With each sip, you’ll experience bursts of juicy blueberry flavour, making it a unique and enjoyable drink.



Water (63.90%), Fructose Syrup (32.92%), Thickener (E1442), Acidity Regulator (E327), Gelling Agent (E401), Acidity Regulator (E296), Thickener (E415), Preservative (E202), Gelling Agent (E407), Flavouring, Colour (E129, E133). For the full ingredients list, please refer to the back of the packaging. If you have any severe allergies, you should always contact the manufacturer directly before consuming.

Popping Boba - Blueberry 130g

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